My first machined part

So I have a carbon mountain bike frame that has flared dropouts on it and wanted to be able to tow a trailer so our daughter could go with us.

I decided to turn down a part of billet on my lathe to allow for the trailer to offset the dropout while still providing surface area for he trailer to clamp down. The following photos show the process and result.


It works!!!!

Yeti Detector

My daughters kindergarten class was studying mythical creatures and their influence on history and the teacher reached out to me to see if I could come up with a "Yeti detector" for a outdoor activity.

This time I tried out Fusion 360.

I designed the detector in Fusion 360 and again printed it out with the 3d printer.

After much finishing, painting and adding custom electronics it was done. They had a great time as each student tried their hand watching the glowing center indicator but the Yeti eluded them.

Tired of loosing my apple remote

For some reason the apple TV remote is never to be found. I noticed I rarely loose the tv remote so I had an idea. 

Off to Solidworks and then to the 3d printer and here is the result.

Have not lost the remote yet since I made these clips.

I have since made a second set for a different remote (Samsung) and a gen 2 apple tv remote. 




Designing and printing a shuffle handle bar mount for my bike

So I use a shuffle on my mountain bike and many times find it un-clipping on my camel back or if its there hard to use the controls.

Decided to design and make a solution and here it is.

I designed it in Solidworks and then printed it out in my Davinchi Jr. Cant wait to upgrade the printer!!!! It has slots made to accommodate zip ties as the method to secure the clip to the bike.


Works great!


3D printing a jet engine to explain to my daughter how it works.

This project I cheated on a little. Unlike the others I used a downloaded 3d print file to make this. Usually I always build my own.


Out of the printer



Built and primed

Finished and painted